The German automaker has been tremendously expanding its lineup in recent years in order to cover all niches where its rivals were previously alone – with the E Class All-Terrain serving as the long overdue answer for the Audi A6 allroad.

We have confirmation of the All-Terrain’s launch for this fall’s Paris Motor Show and we also know it will reach the market during the first part of 2017. So, let’s see what the rendering gurus have come up with – in the form of the digital interpretation of the possible E Class version design. This soft-roader is going to be entirely based on the E-Class Estate, with a more adventurous look thanks to added plastic body cladding underbody protection, and a slightly modified suspension with higher ground clearance that will enable those fishing trips out in the wild (2 meters away from the asphalt, actually).

The model is directly engineered after the new E Class so this rugged wagon is taking all the goodies prepared for the Estate version. Most likely it will deploy as a standard amenity the 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system and will also use the variable-height air suspension, as tipped by E-Class’ chief engineer Michael Kelz. While crossovers and SUVs are a hot commodity in the United States, it appears these rugged wagons aren’t enticing enough to justify the needed modifications.


Digital artist imagines the upcoming Mercedes-Benz E Class All-Terrain 1


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