Digital artist interprets the BMW i8 as a Shooting Brake image

Renders have their own digital life – imagination can run as wild as the artist wants it – and after the release on the Internet they will see which ideas were fruitful and which didn’t pan out with the public.

One of the examples in the positive category is today’s depiction of the high-tech plug in hybrid BMW i8 as a more practical Shooting Brake. The model is fitted with two extra seats – though the rear ones most likely would (if such a model was ever produced) only be usable for kids. The two plus two configuration though does bring an extra set of functionality – you may store all sorts of things in the back when no one’s there or could enjoy the high-tech CFRP BMW with the entire family – after all it doesn’t make sense to go green if you can’t teach the little ones about protecting the planet as well.

While this is not really going to happen, the business case for a i8 Shooting Brake is one that can’t be argued with. For starters, we already exposed one reasoning – taking the kids with you. Then this means the i8 is opened to a much broader audience than before – and even big families would gain some practicality since the rendered i8 is also fitted with a roof rack. And the design of this i8 Shooting Brake is also one that makes sense – digital artists usually use the full extent of their imagination – but this time around this model is pretty grounded in the current BMW design styling cues.

Via Rain Prisk