Last year the German automaker and its British subsidiary Vauxhall opted to reenter the supermini segment, proposing the Karl and Viva duet.

But as the automotive world moves fast, these affordable introductions could use a little attention, which for now comes from the world of the render specialists. The Karl and Viva facelift adopts some of the traits from the Astra K hatchback – which is about the only Opel customers are looking to buy in Europe these days. And the initial design was already looking a little dated upon release, as the German team sacrificed style on the altar of practicality. But in all earnest, the city car buyers have already decided to sacrifice space when opting for such a small model so the last thing they want to give up is the style – just look at the Fiat 500 and its continued success story.

The German company decided to have the Karl/Viva model share the components with the Chevrolet Spark, since the latter is not coming to Europe, and it appears rumors are pointing to a 2017 refresh – which could actually go down the way RM Design envisions them. The digital artist actually cross-shared some of the components – such as side skirts and plastic front splitter, while also adding some interesting chrome framings for the windows. We think Opel should take a look for some inspiration, and also come up with a more powerful turbo engine – just look at Ford, they can get 140 hp from one liter.

Digital artist renders the upcoming 2017 model year update of the Opel Karl 1


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