Digital artist reveals the 2017 BMW 5 Series GT and M5 GT image

We’re still unaware if the Bavarian automaker is going to rename its 5 Series based GT the 6 Series GT or not , but nevertheless everyone expects the hatchback to be the one with the revolutionary design approach.

While successful in many markets – such as China – because of its enhanced practicality and larger rear interior space, the current 5 Series GT has always been regarded as the Ugly Ducking in the BMW roster. Now that’s about to change – as the styling will be more dramatic than in the case of the sedan’s case. Based on the rumor mill and the series of spy shots across the Internet, we have reason to believe the new GT will come with an even larger trunk and a much better roofline. Ultimately it’s actually the aggressive profile that will do the visual work for people – instead of seeing it as a practical car they might even believe it to be visually dynamic.

This was also the assumption of digital artist X-Tomi, which decided to have a go at the possible finished design of the 5/6 Series GT. The powertrain range should be exactly the same as in the 5 Series, complete with plug in hybrid and even a possible M5 GT version coming from M GmbH. By the looks of it, the renders have a hint or two coming from the 4 Series GranCoupe – and that’s a good thing if it also happens in reality.

Via X-Tomi