We’re a long ways from the scheduled release of the next generation Tesla Roadster, but that doesn’t mean the digital artists of the world won’t try and break through the barriers of time.

The Californian electric automaker – which today needs no more introductions – first amazed the world with the first generation of the Tesla Roadster, a limited production electric open-top. The carmaker is today on the verge of fulfilling its world “domination” plans of the electric segment, with the Model S saloon and Model X crossover in production, while the mass-market Model 3 is expected sometimes next year. But the automaker hasn’t forgotten its first batch of customers who still own the Roadster, because the first generation has been updated through an extensive refurbishment program that extends the life of the batteries while also providing an even better range – up to 340 miles (547 kilometers) on a charge.

We already know the automaker is now financially confident to promise a second generation Roadster – most likely used as a milestone model rather than a big seller – which is due in 2019. The company has been keeping details under wraps, with the only information to perspire coming from Tesla’s Nordic Countries Manager Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, who back in May said the new Roadster would “look a little different” and be “a little faster and a little bigger.” It is widely believed the Model 3 architecture will also underpin the Roadster, with lots of shared components – but that begs the question of the entry-level sedan only packing an initial range of about 215 miles. The render makes due with the connection, especially at the front, but with a low-slung appearance befitting a sporty model.

Via OmniAuto


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