DiRT 3 Mud and Guts Car Pack [VIDEO] image

Dirt 3 as you may already know is the third installment of Codemasters’ popular Dirt racing game series. And today, the company unveiled a new trailer to hype their Mud and Guts Car Pack DLC for DiRT 3.

Dirt 3 is an incredibly customizable racing game. While even hardcore racers like Shift 2 and Gran Turismo offer scaling difficulty levels to accommodate varying skill levels, even on the easier levels they still feel less than welcoming to casual drivers and newcomers.

Dirt 3 boasts more cars, more locations, more routes and more events than any other game in the series, including over 50 rally cars representing the very best from five decades of the sport.

Download the Mud and Guts Car Pack to gain access to 5 new cars available for singleplayer, splitscreen and online multiplayer events. Race the Lancia Stratos, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2, Citroën C4 Rallycross, Saturn Sky and Ford Mustang GT, each with a range of liveries.

Although Codemasters has yet to reveal any details on the “Shibuya Track Pack”, the achievements have already been added to Xbox.com. It is likely that the track pack will follow the two week cycle and will release on July 26th.

The cars in Dirt 3 computer game do handle differently but overall the physics engine is tilted towards arcade rather than simulation. It’s not as arcadey, as – let’s say Sega Rally but it is nowhere near as difficult or unforgiving as a true simulation of rally driving either.