Disappearing Tesla Model S cars could have been hacked by thieves image

Owners in Germany are now looking for answers after two Tesla Model S cars were stolen and disappeared off the grid despite the precautionary measures taken by the high-tech company.

The Tesla Model S is a modern wonder – from the technological perspective – and this includes the way it protects itself from harm. For example, the Model S has an inbuilt GPS tracking system that allowed not long ago – in 2015 – an owner to direct the police to the thief that stole his ride from Vancouver. The owner was receiving real-time updates of the car’s location and directed the police to simply intercept the bad guy. Now two owners of the Model S in Germany haven’t had the same luck – the cars were stolen and disappeared without any records to their whereabouts.

Unlike that time in Vancouver, both cars were stolen without using the key – one in Dusseldorf in June, the other – completely new – from nearby Essen in August. And both were the costliest options – the flagship P90D model. Because neither the Police nor Tesla itself have managed to discover any trace of the cars, the German Tesla Owners Club forum has produced an interesting theory: owners’ Tesla accounts were hacked and the thieves managed to somehow block the GPS signal or remove the SIM card. Adding the count they managed to get in without using the key and we can see how crimes are becoming increasingly technologically sophisticated.

Via Electrek

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