Disgruntled Nissan Leaf group buyers switch to Tesla image

A group of potential Nissan Leaf customers – totaling 3, 700 candidates – left in the air after abrupt cease of negotiations, have decided to go for the competition and are now looking at Tesla’s models.

Bruno Marcoux, already a Nissan Leaf owner, decided to do a good deed and set up a group acquisition for people looking to get the Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback at a discounted rate. The idea was so successful that from the initial group of 2,500 people the number of interested buyers actually soared to approximately 3,700. Unfortunately, the efforts didn’t pay out as expected, because his negotiations with Nissan Canada ended with a rift. He was aiming for a group buy price of $20,000 CAD (about $15,500) including incentives, it appears Nissan Canada’s president Joni Paiva decided to pass the deal. It appears the motivation for the refusal was that already incentives from the Quebec authorities already amounted to a large discount of $8,000 CAD (about $6,200).

The news is of course incredibly disappointing for the thousands of potential customers, especially after a successful group purchase a few months back in Colorado. There, via the South West Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), and with assistance from Nissan America and local dealerships, a total of 248 Leafs were bought with a massive discount of $8,349 – factoring in all the incentives, the price was brought down to just $12,130 – compared to the $29,010 MSRP for the 2016 model year. Meanwhile, the disgruntled group has apparently turned to Tesla, lining up to enter the waiting line for the upcoming Model 3.

Via electrek.co