23 members of the Hyundai Motor India Employees Union were arrested this morning when they tried to organize a demonstration demanding union recognition and reinstatement.

According to union sources, the dismissed workers were arrested this morning at Sriperumbudur, when they attempted to stage a hunger strike and were let off later in the evening. An official statement from Hyundai Motor India said there has been no production disruption at the plant. On Tuesday morning, 17 Hyundai employees and 23 dismissed employees tried staging a hunger strike near the plant without police permission. The dismissed employees courted arrest but were released later.

According to HMIEU, the primary reason for the protest is the reduction of workforce on the assembly line and their redeployment in other works, following the production of the Eon. For the 17th consecutive day, HMIEU member workers protested by not eating lunch or any food and by not drinking anything (tea or coffee) while at work. Wearing black badges, they finish their work and go back home.

Hyundai Motor has two plants in Sriperumbudur, with a total annual production capacity of 630,000 units. The company plans to increase the capacity by 40,000 units next year.


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