We already know about the styling package introduced by DMC for the Lamborghini Aventador. This time, the tuner is introducing a new program which will relate the Murcielago LP580.

DMC has proudly announced its new program that is 2011 GT Murcielago. This is a kit made for the first generation Murci from the ground up. Before this, the tuner has successfully made a Limited Edition LP640 QV last year. The team of DMC is set to refresh this supercars look from outside as well as inside.

German tuner DMC has the potential to deal with the high-tech manufacturing of the industry. Therefore, all the parts of the new 2011 GT kit are made on high tier quality level including body kit, exhaust, interior, and engine.

Body Kit: DMC has added a redesigned front as well as rear bumper with an integrated diffuser to get greater downforce on the front.

Exhaust: DMC stainless sports rear silencer (end pipe) produces a sound which is equivalent to what has generated from the race tracks and announces the arrival of blood curdling steer. This gives even sportier rear look to the car. Customers can even expand their exhaust system with a DMC sport metallic catalytic converter.

Interior: The Super-Lambo’s cockpit receives even more sports racing atmosphere. With the help of carbon fiber and fine leathers that is offered by the German tuners from Duesseldorf, the car has got a complete make-over. After the fantastic DMC treatment, the customers who will bring their car to DMC will no more recognize their Murcielago. The car will get complete new leather and carbon fiber coatings along with handmade art that is performed only by a few masters left in Germany.

Engine: ECU remapping is been added to offer extra power to the car. The standard Murcielago offered 572hp which has now extended to 600hp with 495 Nm of torque which got a boost from 479.









By Sunita Mandal


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