DMC Bentley Bentayga is carbon fiber light and opulent image

There’s a reason why ultra-luxury vehicles get clad in carbon fiber these days – the hulking models won’t save much on actual weight, but secure important points in the opulence department.

The Bentley Bentayga – while not the first super-luxurious SUV (Escalade, RR SVAutobiography, etc.) – is the epitome of opulence these days in the crossover segment. And people might feel robbed of the opportunity to catch everyone’s attention because the Bentayga, well, sells so well it’s becoming rather “common”. No worries, because the wizards of the tuning sector are always there to help – for example DMC is making sure your Bentayga is the attention-grabber you wanted and deserve, making extensive use of carbon fiber to achieve that. And there’s a reason why the aftermarket specialist isn’t saying anything about a diet occurring as the lightweight parts have been added, because no one can do wonders for a 5,379 pounds (2,440 kilograms) W12-engined behemoth.

DMC Bentley Bentayga is carbon fiber light and opulent 4

The parts include a new spoiler lip, trim pieces around the vents, mirror covers and new additions to the side vents, while most of the changes occurred at the rear. There you’ll find a massive roof-mounted spoiler and a reworked diffuser also improving airflow. DMC also makes sure you’ll get where you want pretty fast, with the standard W12 engine’s 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) and 664 pound-feet (900 Newton-meters) of torque dialed to an impressive 705 hp (526 kW) and 778 lb-ft (1,055 Nm).