DMC has officially pulled the wraps off its newest creation, the Lamborghini Aventador LP998 Edizione GT, an upgrade package costing 288, 888 USD, without the supercar.

Owners of the Lamborghini Aventador who would like to upgrade their rides with an impressive package will be able to order the LP998 Edizione GT, signed by DMC, which is setting you back for 288,888 USD, without the supercar. The package is adding an extremely aggressive wide body kit, which has been developed with FIA’s regulations but without compromising its street-legal status, gigantic rear diffuser, large rear wing, centrally positioned quad exhaust arrangement, front spoiler lip, multi-spoke black alloy wheels, red and black leather upholstery in the cabin and much more.

If you think that the upgrade package is all looks and no brains, think again, because it has been named the LP998, so the 6.5 liter V12 engine has received new fuel lines, fuel pumps, new modulators, individual throttle plates for each cylinder, a remapped ECU, a twin turbo modification and some other tweaks. Thanks to these upgrades, the engine can now produce a total output of 988 PS (727 kW), which is significantly more than the standard 700 PS (515 kW).


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