Do you fancy playing golf in a Chevrolet Camaro? image

We had visions of golf players being the absolute elegance among their brethren, and not exactly the type to go about the course in a Camaro-styled cart.

There’s a single perk to this weird ride choice – it’s electric. We know the muscle car era won’t be gone even as we head towards an electrified future. They’ll have a zero emissions, silent powertrain and play the tunes of any engine through integrated speakers – we can even imagine a 2030 generation rumbling with the voice of the original while harming the planet no more. Well, there are others who jumped the gun – the Caddyshack version is an electric Camaro. This of course being the golf cart with officially licensed Camaro styling and General Motors’ stamp of approval. It’s called the Camaro Fifty and has all the perks you’ll need in a… golf cart: headlights, taillights, rearview mirror, and a horn.


It can even drive itself at a speed of 19.5 mph (31 km/h) using a 48v AC Drive electric power and “huge” 14-inch wheels featuring the bowtie logo. It’s a scaled down Camaro so the styling is off in more than one way, but at least the golfer gets a removable windshield and a sweater basket and a golf bag attachment. It has received a PPG-painted body and canopy while the overall design should evoke memories of Camaro SS nightmares – if they were taking place on the Greenfield.