Do you have a racecar affliction? image

It’s time to address the motoring elephant in the room: the racecar bug bit you and you just want to know how to treat the sting and subsequent “affliction.” A cure, as always, exists – but mind you, the treatment is long and costly.

Let’s face it. There is a typical portion of drivers that loves the rush of high speed, the lateral Gs that come with tight corners and has been suffering tremendous losses both in the pocket and when it comes to license points. A truly conscious human would have made the math by now – they can’t keep endangering their lives and those of others and an alternative needs to be sought. So, they took their street-legal car to the racetrack for a weekend, then two, then they lost the count. And the car got its brakes changed, its tires, its gearbox, etc.

So, doing again the math they came to the conclusion that it’s in order to desire a racecar. No, they need a racecar. They could even save money in the long run, they thought. You’re crazy. That’s a fact. But it’s the positive craze and we get it.

But be warned – usually the best days of a race driver are the ones he buys the racecar and the one he sells it. In the meantime, it’s a time-consuming and madly expensive experience. And one worth every penny. Here are some small tips. Start in a very, very small league – it doesn’t mater if you want to focus on drag, drift, circuit or rally racing. Starting off slow keeps the wallet in check and allows you to progress gradually and gather experience.