Do you know the most American-made vehicle for this year? image

When thinking about the US auto market, the second largest in the world today, most of us will have a preconceived idea that it’s all about huge SUVs and pickup trucks.

That’s mostly because full-size pickup trucks will only be seen on a regular basis on the North American continent, making up one of the symbols for Uncle Sam’s territory. Naturally, the Ford F-150 is not only the best selling pickup in the country for decades, but also the bestselling vehicle, period. It’s only made in Michigan and Missouri and it has held to the title of top selling vehicle in America for at least three decades. But it turns out that if you’re seeking to find a truly “Made in America” vehicle, the search should take you straight to the Toyota showroom searching for the mundane Camry midsize sedan. The Japanese automaker’s run of the mill sedan has more US content than an F-150 and it also tops the yearly edition of the American-Made Index.

The index is designed to take into account such factors as the percentage of parts that use internal US sources, where they are manufactured and the total deliveries – and the tally swiftly disqualifies models that don’t source at least 75 percent of parts from domestic sources, for example. “These results are a testament to Toyota’s continued investment and growth in the United States,” comments Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz. The rest of the list of the top ten American-Made vehicles goes as follows: second is Toyota’s Sienna and third was Chevrolet’s Traverse. They were followed by the Honda Odyssey, the GMC Acadia, the Buick Enclave and the Chevrolet Corvette was seventh and last on the list.

Via Forbes