Another year, another Forbes 400 is out. And sniffing through the comprehensive list of larger than life bank accounts, we found no other than Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, sitting comfortably in the Top 50.

Forbes has listed Musk’s fortune at a mind boggling $9.2 billion, nailing him the Number 50 spot. Ok, that’s a far cry from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates that has $81.2 billion (No. 1), but when it comes to auto industry magnates he’s also miles away from anyone else. Imagine, his closest industry counterpart is discount tire tycoon Bruce Halle (#107, $4.7 billion). He also has the distinction of being the youngest auto industry billionaire, at 43 years of age. The other 40s billionaire in the segment is Dan Friedkin (#171, $3.3 billion), a Houston-based family heir to a Toyota distribution business.

Musk, a well-known business visionary and entrepreneur has strived to re-invent all the segments he made his implication noted. The South African born businessman tried to reinvent banking through PayPal (bought by eBay in 2002), aims to revive the human passion for interplanetary exploration (CEO of SpaceX, a startup reportedly worth another $10 billion) and free us from fossil fuel dependence (chairman of Solar City). Most importantly, he also aims to create the first truly successful electric-car company in the world.

Via Business Insider


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