Do you really know a Ferrari’s worth?! image

Everybody knows a Ferrari is expensive and exclusive. Some of them can’t even be bought until you already own another Ferrari. But do you know it could be even more expensive to buy parts of Ferrari?

Yes, it’s true! There is no way you could buy the parts you need for your dream Ferrari. You’re better off just buying the car, with warranty and quality checks and stuff – even if it’s an italian level, not a german one. Actually, we think there is a zero tolerance policy at Ferrari regarding customers who try to tinker themselves with their brand new Ferrari. Must be some sort of deal with the service part of owning your Ferrari. You could ask why all the fuss about bits and parts of a Ferrari, when you can easily (if you have the bank account) just by the road raging model you want.

All of this is because of the bolt and valves asking price… I mean, just take a look at the pictures and then imagine how much it would cost to own a spare crank head, a door or a window! No wonder the only Ferrari kit cars you can find are made of Pontiac’s and the like – they have the same level of craftsmanship (i’m joking, of course), about the same level of reliability and a 5% asking price. We came up with these pictures on a visit to the Ferrari factory, so don’t even consider thinking this as a hoax – we’re nowhere near April Fool’s.