Do you really need endless choices when buying a new car? image

Going out there and securing the new vehicle you always wanted is not an easy process, not even if you have a bank account the size of Everest and just want to pick another Porsche for that 35th spot in your huge car garage.

That’s because when it comes to automobiles, Porsche and most of its luxury or mass-market rivals offer too much options to choose from. It’s the same conundrum that you encounter in a big empty parking lot – you might spend more time parking then you would if there were just two empty spaces. Let’s take the high-end luxury offerings for example. Porsche offers a plethora of 22 variants for its core 911 model – actually more than paint options. And BMW or Audi crossovers differ in inches from their related – but more traditional – station wagon counterparts as carmakers keep inventing new niches to drive demand forward. When it comes to German automakers – they alone stretched their lineups by around 25% over the recent years.

Now, according to consulting company PwC, producers are coming under pressure as this myriad of options is gradually becoming a handicap for both the buyers and the manufacturers. PwC forecasts the ever-wider array of choices might flatten out by 2018, as automakers are shifting their cash towards the development of new technology, including networked cars and autonomous vehicles.

Via Bloomberg