The iconic car customizer and designer – who unfortunately took leave of this world almost a month ago – is well known for creating the legendary 1966 Batmobile and the also the Munster Koach.

Barris’ work was so outstanding that it went far beyond the mere development of props for the entertainment business – as most of his wheeled contraptions will live on to impress future generations. Barris died on November 5, 2015 and now one of his creations has ended up on eBay, says Car&Driver. We’re referring here to the Barris T Buggy prototype, which was used by the mighty mechanic himself to test and use as a proof of concept for a kit car that was eventually sold as a retail unit. This testbed Dune Buggy was manufactured back in 1965 and uses a Chevrolet Corvair engine. Interested buyers also had the option to equip the buggy with a Volkswagen engine besides the Corvair, both of them slapped onto the rear axle and air cooled – actually the GM-designed engine was after 1967 used on numerous occasions as a replacement engine for the VW Type 2 cars.

The Barris T Buggy we see listed on eBay has been carefully restored to its pristine condition and carries a distinct aura since Barris used it personally – later on being restored by Advanced Restorations, located in California under direction from the original creator himself. The bid has started at $48.500, but it could grow significantly, since previous and more famous works by Barris have snatched copious figures in the past.

Via Car&Driver


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