Do you want some Bentley for your home? image

We literally mean for your home, as in it fits inside the chambers. We’re not dealing here with a new vehicle from the British luxury brand, but a product designed to cater to our technological needs.

So, here’s your Internet-connected, Bentley branded sound bar for the living room – the new version of the company’s Naim for Bentley sound system. By the way – much like the inside of a Bentley is much more luxurious and good looking than your average apartment, so is the sound bar delivering music with more clarity and volume than most sound systems on the market. And now the company has decided to introduce two new high fidelity options, thanks to a couple of Naim for Bentley home-stereo devices. They are called the Naim for Bentley Mu-so and Mu-so Qb and these are stylish internet-connected home speakers: they stream Tidal or Spotify, and get linked to other devices over Bluetooth, USB, an auxiliary cord, or from music stored on your computer.

In a nod to the real Bentleys tearing up the tarmac, the anodized-aluminum speakers – oblong for the Mu-so and cube-shaped for the Mu-so Qb come with the same metal knurling effect on their controls as you’ll find in the real deal. The first has 450 watts of power, while the latter is a tad quieter at 300 watts. And prices are to match – starting at £1,195 for the Mu-so and £750 for the Qb.