Documents reveal Cadillac also had ignition switch problems in 2006 image

According to documents given by Delphi Automotive to the NHTSA, General Motors engineers had ignition switch problems with a Cadillac SRX more than eight years ago.

The documents coming from the auto parts maker and released to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that engineers reported they turned off the ignition switch with their knees accidentally in a Cadillac SRX. Since then, they ordered a fix – coming again from the Delphi provider, that was used to resolve the similar problem of the 2007 Saturn Ion and Chevrolet Cobalt sedans.

This is an early indication that even the luxury Cadillac brand had similar issues with the ones experienced by the “Delta” vehicles, the code name that GM gave to the small-car family which includes the Ion and Cobalt – included in the 2.6 million vehicles recall scandal linked to 13 deaths.

That would also mean that previous SRX models, from model years 2004-2006, used the same switch part that the 2003 Ion had. Reviewing online GM parts catalogs, Reuters also found out the same switches were used in the 2003-2007 Cadillac CTS sedan, besides the 2004-2009 SRX.

While GM manufactured a lot fewer Cadillacs from the 2002-2005 model years – a little over 200,000 CTS sedans and nearly 60,000 SRX crossovers – both models were not recalled in the ignition switch program.

Via Reuters