Dodge Challenger tops the Mustang and Camaro at home image

Believe it or not, the almost decade-old Challenger has beaten in terms of sales both the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro in June’s charts at home in America.

Dodge isn’t going to sell lots of Demons, but the introduction of the highly anticipated halo car sure had benefits across the board – along with the unofficial “Hellcat Day” that came at the beginning of July – so spirits were high at the dealerships. That’s because the Dodge Challenegr had one of its best deliver months in June, topping the chart and sitting in front of its eternal rivals – the Mustang and Camaro. Dodge moved no less than 6,605 Challenger examples, to Ford’s 6,186 Mustang units and Chevrolet’s shameful 4,691 Camaros. Dodge won by selling 319 more Challengers than Mustangs, and 1,814 more Challengers than Camaros in June, and compared to the same month last year it sent off more than 1,000 units

So far throughout the year the Challenger isn’t on top though – it has moved 35,910 examples of the Challenger in 2017, topped by the Camaro (36,567) and the Mustang (44,608), after the first six months of the year. The 840-horsepower (626-kilowatt) Demon won’t have a major impact, because just 3,000 units will be available across the US – but the standard 2017 Dodge Challenger can be had from as low as $26,995, when selecting the entry SXT model.