Dodge Charger returns to NASCAR in 2013 image

The North American based automaker Dodge has recently announced that the brand will return to NASCAR with a Charger model in 2013.

After Chevrolet said that the Impala model will be replaced in NASCAR, Dodge stepped forward once again and with a great demand for fans, the company and SRT Motorsports have decided to return to the popular competition next year. According to the car manufacturer, the 2013 Dodge Charger for NASCAR will be officially presented to the public at the Las Vegas Motor Show Speedway and the model will integrate elements to make it similar to the production version.

“From the start, it’s been a collaborative effort with NASCAR. NASCAR provided the manufacturers with basic specifications, but offered encouragement to venture beyond the look of the current race car. Our design and engineering group, working with Penske Racing, seized the opportunity”, said the president and CEO of SRT Brand and Motorsports, Ralph Gilles. “We had a fantastic benchmark – the Dodge Challenger – introduced in 2009. This endeavor goes beyond the trend the Nationwide Series Challenger started with a Dodge Charger that amazingly embodies many of the design features of the street version into the race car.”

According to the company, the 2013 Dodge Charger will run in NASCAR with a V8 engine but more details on the model are currently limited and will be announced ahead of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway race in 2013.

  • Clinton H Davis

    Ummmm, yeah, they ran two dodges last weekend at Vegas. THIS is just the NEW race car for 2013. Way to take a story and twist the facts around……..