Dodge Dart Police Car is for “show and tell” only image

The Dodge Dart Police Car which has recently entered the Belvidere Police Department will only be used for ceremonial purposes only.

The Belvidere Police Chief Jan Noble had an idea and after he approached Chrysler, asking them to provide a police vehicle made in the Belvidere Assembly Plant, for the Belvidere Police Department, the Dodge Dart “Cop Car” came to life, but the vehicle won’t be seen patrolling the community because it will only be used for ceremonial purposes.

“The Belvidere Police Department wanted to drive what’s built in their town by their own citizens. This was a terrific opportunity to support the Belvidere police and continue to foster our longtime partnership with this city and region”, said the vice president of Network Development and Fleet of Chrysler Group LLC, Peter Grady.

The “partnership” between the Belvidere Police Department and the Chrysler Group LLC will probably give birth to a real Dodge Dart police car in the future because police officers are expected to give the automaker feedback on the vehicle and the company will decide whether there is a market for Dodge Dart police cars. The model in question has received red, blue and white lights in the crosshair grille, a search light on the A-pillar and a red, blue and the special paint finish.