Dodge Demon can one-up the G count on basically everyone image

The halo car of all halo cars is making the news tirelessly – especially with specs like the 840 horsepower under the hood or the 0-to-60 sprint of a mere 2.3 seconds, which is decidedly into hypercar territory.

And while the automaker actually made us think we’re bored out of the model before the release – that changed once we saw it in the metal – Dodge hasn’t actually revealed all the details until now. So without further ado, they decided to splash a few “fun facts” about their most powerful car ever – even when not running on racing fuel to unleash all 840 ponies. For example, they explain that while on classic quarter-mile run, the Demon’s V8 will eat up more than 173 cubic-feet of air, which is the lung capacity of 816 humans, or the entire air in the cabin being eaten up in just 800 feet. The V8’s cooling system meanwhile discards 258 kilowatts of heat at rated power, meaning it will boil a quart of water in just 1.2 seconds. At the same rated power, fuel comes in at 1.36 gallons per minute – just as fast as a standard shower head, while each power stroke, piston, and connecting rod is pre-loaded with 11 tons of force.

You might think this as mere trivia, but the real fun fact is the amount of force this ride is capable of getting off the line – the demon’s official rating is 1.8 Gs, because the driveline gets 11,164 pound-feet of firing gear torque. And that’s above what the Veyron can and pretty impressive considering even a space shuttle will do around 3G. And no less than one ton (2,500 pounds) is being transferred from the front wheels to the rear at the moment of launch. In case you lived under a rock, and didn’t know, even on 91 octane gasoline the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 will get to 808 hp (602 kW) and 717 lb-ft (972 Nm) torque.