Sep.8 (GMM/ Stefano Domenicali is “incredibly mistaken” if he believes Sebastian Vettel is not among F1’s true leaders.

That is the view of Gerhard Berger, who as Toro Rosso co-owner in 2008 stood on the Monza podium when the young German became the sport’s youngest ever winner.

Ferrari team boss Domenicali this week said Vettel, 24, “is still not a leader … like Michael and Fernando. He is simply too young and lacking in experience”.

Asked about the comments, Berger told the Austrian news agency APA: “Then he (Domenicali) is incredibly mistaken.

“If somebody has those (leadership) qualities then it is Sebastian. He showed it already with Toro Rosso and developed even further with Red Bull.

“It’s not a question of age. For his age, in his head he is far ahead,” added Berger.

Another of Vettel’s developed qualities, said Berger, is his calm under pressure. “He makes no more mistakes,” he said.

Berger continued: “Mark Webber, for example, is a very good driver but under pressure he is not as strong.

“For Vettel many factors have come together — speed, diligence and meticulousness. He combines them all to get the optimum points possible.”