Oct.11 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Stefano Domenicali on Tuesday said he can imagine Fernando Alonso working alongside F1’s new double world champion Sebastian Vettel.

“Would Alonso accept it? I think so, I think it could work. Fernando’s strength is that he is not afraid of anyone, a force that comes from his maturity,” the Italian told La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

But it’s not a minor detail that Vettel is contracted to Red Bull until 2014, and tipped to extend his stay for a further two years.

For Ferrari team boss Domenicali, the seat to fill is currently occupied by Felipe Massa, whose deal ends next season.

“He will do everything to prove what he has to Ferrari, and the other drivers with contracts expiring will want to prove that they are ready to come,” he said. “Among those, probably, is Hamilton.

“But it’s early,” said Domenicali, referring to McLaren’s 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton, whose deal expires in unison with Massa’s next season.

“Felipe had a good weekend (at Suzuka), until the contact with Hamilton. It was a shame it happened in a very positive weekend for him,” he added.

Ferrari’s first priority is to have a better car for 2012, and Domenicali revealed that only minor “details” of the current Italia 150 car will be saved.

“We will change everything; even the steering wheel,” he said.

  • Dr Tony Moffett

    I've followed Formula One for 4 decades, and this news of the possibility of Hamilton going to Ferrari is the most insane bit to date! This is the same jerk who ran into the then reigning Ferrari World Champion Kimi Raikkonen at pit out, red light, dead stop, Canadian GP 2008, and acted like it was Kimis fault. He also throws cars off track like the brat he is!
    Does Ferrari need a tax write-off, sales are good, Hell I own 3 of them.
    Yes he won the World Chanpionship over Massa by 1 point, but I hope this deal dies a quick death, and Ferrari finds a more worthy driver, in my opinion!