Donald Trump has its eyes set on Ford image

GOP candidate Donald Trump has been targeting the US automakers for their plans to set up new plants or relocate work from the US towards south of the border, in Mexico.

Trump continued to highlight Ford as a Detroit maker that has plans to build a new assembly facility in Mexico, even as the second largest US carmaker recently started the production of its largest pickup trucks in the US, after they were manufactured for years in Mexico. But the candidate’s alternate idea could actually bring major problems on its own – maybe even impacting the UAW union representing Ford’s American workers and compelling plant employees to make do with smaller salaries in order to better compete with the very low paid Mexican workers. “We’ve got to keep (factories) here. It’s not that hard to do,” commented trump in a recent interview. The controversy has been initiated by Ford’s announcement it would have a new factory in Mexico, reportedly tasked to claim the production of the Focus and C-Max models that are now being built in a plant in the Detroit suburbs.

Back in June, when Trump announced he was running for President, he warned that if he succeeds, Ford chief executive officer Mark Fields would have some “bad news,” telling him that “Every car, every truck and every part manufactured in this plant that comes across the border, we’re going to charge you a 35 percent tax.” But experts say this would be hard to achieve, especially due to the North American Free Trade Agreement.