The do-it-yourself trend is something that can hit all ages and social classes, and can spread from tiny forms of art to garage assembly of real life cars. Such is the case with Caterham Cars, which is now introducing a new financing opportunity for the buyers of a self-assembly Seven.

The attractive financing package has been around with the company for some time, but it was only offered to the interested customers that decided to acquire an already assembled or pre-owned Seven. Now Caterham is simply extending the financing scheme to those who want to test their atelier skills and purchase a self-assembly model. It’s naturally available for UK clients and the entry level Seven 160 will require a deposit of 3,099 pounds and monthly payments of only £279 (at 19.5% APR Representative), financing lasting for 48 months and with the customer paying at the end an installment of 6,399 pounds. Other taxes include a credit facility fee of £175 and a competition fee of £100.

Owners can also choose the mightier Seven 270, 360, and 420 versions as all of them can be had in self-assembly form. Reaching out towards a factory built model will add an extra 3,000 pounds to the check, but Caterham says experienced builders can handle their own assembly process in around 80 to 100 hours. David Ridley, Caterham Cars Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the offer saying they are extending the package as more and more buyers opt for the individual assembly process, which once complete only needs an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test to receive registration approval from the DVLA.



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