A man has recently rolled over his Volkswagen Golf while trying to save his pizza and the result was terrible for both the vehicle and the Italian food.

We are usually saying that where ever there will be exotic cars there will also be exotic car crashes but this news is just the opposite and the strange situation which lead to the vehicle above flipping made us want to write about and share it with you. According to the guys at a man was trying to reach his pizza box on the dashboard so this wouldn’t fall and managed to roll over in his ride.

Our source doesn’t say anything about possible injuries to the driver or other vehicles involved, but judging by the image posted above this article, one thing is for sure: his meal will have to be reordered, not to mention his car, which has definitely seen better days. I can only imagine the man behind the wheel licking his fingers while looking at the pizza on the dashboard and his whole life flashing before his eyes when he saw the box moving. Here’s a tip, next time order in, it will save you a big service bill.



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