Driverless cars are still some years away, but consumers are receptive image

As more and more self-driving technologies are rolled out, even top automaker executives echo the reaction of many consumers, which are receptive to discarding total control over the car they “drive”.

Hopefully, for the moment, what most automakers and suppliers see near term is cars equipped with “driver assistance” features that help in unsafe conditions, prevent accidents and take a lot of the stress out of driving.

“It’s a little unsettling at first when you take your hands off the wheel and then it’s one of these ‘Oh wow’ moments,” said General Motors Co Vice Chairman Steve Girsky about the vehicle he test drove over a year ago – a Cadillac SRX luxury crossover vehicle specially equipped to drive itself.

“If automakers build it and can explain the value proposition, consumers will come,” said Gary Silberg, national auto industry leader for consulting firm KPMG.

KPMG, which just unveiled its study about consumer opinions in relation to the future self-driving cars, found many Americans were open to the idea of a driverless car. The KPMG report was in line with global studies that show many people are receptive to the idea of self-driving cars. For example, Cisco Systems, the world’s largest network equipment maker, also presented in its own research that 57 percent of global consumers interviewed would have no problem riding in a car entirely controlled by technology. 

Via Reuters