Driverless cars could reduce traffic offense revenues image

In a rather humorous situation, some analysts and forecasters say that autonomous cars could have an interesting effect on the budgets of states, municipalities and police departments in the US.

All these have a boost in revenue coming from one of the most common traits of a driver worldwide – his or hers ability to disobey traffic rules and the law enforcement’s ability to catch them and collect a fine.

Meanwhile, for the years that drivers are in control of their “stick and throttle”, there’s no danger in losing revenue, as the most recent numbers coming from the US Highway Patrol show that each year Americans give away in penance money no less then $6.3 billion. Further on, with the statistics coming from online site Statistics Brain, on any given year one in five citizens gets a fine, with the annual rate being at around 41 million tickets – at the average cost of $152. More interestingly, each US police officer averages no less then $300,000.

According to a study coming from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 91% of drivers do agree with the de facto statement that “everyone should obey the speed limits because it’s the law.” Though on the other hand, only 41% agreed that speeding tickets should be higher.