Drivers Passing Through France Will Have to Carry Breathalyzer Kits image

If vacationing drivers going through France were fined before for not having a warning triangle and a fluorescent vest in their car, the French police is now adding a breathalyser kit to the list.

This kit’s purpose is to ensure that drivers self test so they can determine if they’re in drink-drive limits. The law will be applied beginning from July 2012, to anyone who passes through France.

This move has received different reactions, among which critiques regarding its accuracy and it is even seen as a new channel to milk foreign drivers. Drivers with 50mg and 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood will have to pay 135 euros (£112) as fine, and lose 6 of their 12 points on the driving license, while higher alcohol levels warrant a fine of 4,500 euros (£3,744), and a loss of license and imprisonment up to 2 years. Drunk driving limit in France stands at 50mg, lower than the UK limit of 80mg.

Although drivers must have at least 2 single-use breathalyzer kits, police would use their breathalysers for roadside tests too. If a vacationing driver is found without a kit, he will have to pay a fine of 11 euros (£9).

  • RayW

    Your article fails to mention that the breathalysers carried must meet the French certification standard and carry and NF mark (equivalent to our BSI standard). There is only one UK breathalyser which meets the NF standard – the AlcoSense Singles NF which come in packs of two (ideal for the French law) and are available from Halfords or direct online from AlcoSense.