Drivers start to welcome the self-driving era, studies show image

Some recent surveys on the upcoming autonomous cars are now showing that drivers are starting to embrace the idea.

There have been many surveys lately on how drivers are perceiving the automakers’ efforts to push towards self-driving technologies and most of them showed the public was not in love yet with the idea as much as the media and all the tech geeks out there. But some new studies hint that the community is starting to resonate with the concept. According to Volvo’s Future of Driving recent survey, with nearly 50, 000 responses worldwide, nine out of ten New Yorkers and 86 percent of residents in California feel that autonomous cars could make life easier.

However, residents in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas are less convinced than the average consumer about the safety benefits. Only about half of Illinois respondents said they would trust a driverless vehicle to make decisions about safety, 10 percent less than the national average. Similarly, only 62 percent of Pennsylvanians think that having more self-driving cars on the road will eliminate traffic accidents versus a national average of 68 percent, while 60 percent of Texans believe autonomous cars could keep their family safer compared to 69 percent of people across the nation.

“The difference between states regarding the safety benefits of autonomous cars highlights why we need a federal framework for autonomous driving regulations,” said Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo USA. The study said that across all states, the majority supported the autonomous tech, but 68 percent of people believed that having full control when needed is a luxury that must be preserved.

Separately, a research made by AlixPartners consulting firm pointed out that 73 percent of people said they would want autonomous vehicles to take over all their driving needs, while 90 percent would give up control only if they could occasionally take the wheel. Its survey also revealed that customers put most of their trust into Silicon Valley companies to develop the autonomous tech.