Drivers want rear wing and rain tyre changes image

( Proposed amendments to the new adjustable rear wing rules were not adopted during a meeting this week in Barcelona.

Finland’s Turun Sanomat said the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association expressed great concern during the meeting with technical bosses and team chiefs.

“But the amendments did not receive unanimous support,” read the report.

The report said one proposed amendment was that the rear wings can only be adjusted during the races, with drivers therefore able to concentrate solely on driving in practice and qualifying.

Turun Sanomat said Red Bull was in favour of that change, but Ferrari was not.

“We see a chance to do something now so that we don’t just talk about something (an incident) after it has happened,” Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen said.

Another concern raised by the drivers was the performance of Pirelli’s rain tyres.

“Most drivers agree that we have to improve the grip,” Felipe Massa is quoted by El Mundo.

“Because if we have a grand prix like last year in Korea, it would be difficult to do the race,” said the Ferrari driver.