DriveTribe should be the automotive social media platform everyone needs image

We all know that Clarkson and Co.’s Amazon show the Grand Tour has become even more important for automotive fans after the reworked Top Gear show is gathering polarizing reviews.

And while not many of us do have an Amazon Prime subscription, there’s one way Clarkson, Hammond and May could be right next to us – through the automotive social media site DriveTribe. eremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are quite busy – the show starts this fall and the this is also when the site launches. We already know the trio and their producer Andy Wilman were early investors in the project and now the guys have come up with some clarifications as to what DriveTribe is. “Gamers have got Twitch, Travelers have got Trip Advisor and fashion fans have got, oh, something or other too. But people who are into cars have got nowhere. There’s no grand-scale online motoring community where people can meet and share video, comments, information, and opinion. DriveTribe will change that. And then some,” comments Hammond.

Clarkson, in his regular fashion, gives us a more simple yet polarizing explanation: “I didn’t understandDriveTribe until Richard Hammond said it was like YouPørn, only with cars,” though we should treat this one more like a Facebook. So, instead of seeing an endless stream of cat videos, you’ll get pictures and footage of your friend working on his beloved car. The site will also have the so-called “tribes”, which have to do with different automotive topics. “This is pure digital inclusivity. Some of the world’s most endangered tribes – Volvo enthusiasts, for example – will now have a voice as loud as everyone else’s,” added May.