Citroen’s former subsidiary has grown into its own standalone luxury business, and besides a wide range of premium models, starting with the DS3 and ending with the DS7, it also grows into its own niche.

The brand is keeping up with the modern times, introducing for the first time in the United Kingdom a contactless payment car key – it’s bundled exclusively as a standard feature with the new DS 3 Connected Chic, the key is built with an integrated bPay payment chip, and makes use of RFID technology to function both as a proper car key and as a very convenient way of paying via ontactless technology, similar to Apple or Android Pay on your smartphone. Buyers opting for the new DS 3 Connected Chic throughout September will take free of charge the technology, which is still limited up to £30 ($40) at almost 500,000 local retail locations.

DS offers contactless payment car key on the DS3 in the United Kingdom 20

“At DS we’re always looking at how we can credibly complement our customer’s active lifestyles, where staying connected and being able to easily interact with the world is key,” commented Mark Blundell, U.K. Marketing Director at DS Automobiles. “With the combination of connectivity features integrated into DS 3 Connected Chic models, and the ability to make those must have purchases by using one integrated device – with the DS contactless payment car key, we really feel we have achieved this.” The new DS 3 Connected Chic trim comes with an updated exterior design, 17-inch black diamond-cut wheels, LED headlights, and additional technology such as Apple CarPlay and Mirror Link.



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