DTE Energy Solar Array to Be Built in Michigan image

A solar array will be built next to General Motors’ Orion Assembly Plant and it will annually power 45 homes in Michigan.

The 350-kilowatt array will be owned by DTE Energy and it will send energy to the grid for use by area homes and businesses, which means that 261 metric tons of CO2 won’t reach the atmosphere.

“Last year, we committed to doubling our global solar output at our facilities from 30 megawatts to 60 by 2015,” said Mike Robinson, GM vice president, Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs. “We believe in harnessing energy from clean, renewable sources because there a solid business case to be made and it’s good for the environment. This array reinforces our progress.”

The solar array is part of the DTE Energy’s SolarCurrents pilot program that has as purpose installing photovoltaic systems on customer rooftops or property in the following three years, which will generate 15 megawatts of electricity in Southeast Michigan. The SolarCurrents program was made possible through a partnership between DTE Energy and GM. The array will be built on a two-acre field facing south and it will offer power to businesses and local housing.