Dubai Police is not only exotic, but also efficient image

The United Arab Emirates’ Dubai Police force is just as famous as the city itself – thanks to the amazing sports, supercar and even hypercar fleet it uses, which includes a Bugatti Veyron and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Recently the forces started a crackdown of wealthy citizens thinking they can be above the law as the authorities took to Facebook to warn the others after seizing 81 vehicles for reckless driving. Apparently some of the drivers were young street racers, and the cops caught them going as fast as 186 miles per hour. It appears the perpetrators were preparing in advance – they raced without the lights on to avoid catching the attention of bystanders and they removed the license plates to avoid being tracked by the Dubai police.

Owners will now have to pay the equivalent of $27,000 per car or $13,600 per motorcycle to get their property out of impound. And if they don’t do it in three months the authorities are entitled to auctioning them off. By the way, here’s a neat render for the next vehicle that will join the Dubai Police forces – just give the Chiron time to hit the streets and the livery will come in real life, not just from the mind of a digital artist.

Via  Dubai Police, Al Arabiya and Miletic Design