The Top Gear UK show is a hit, nobody can deny this, but the TV series is just about to become even more popular with the launch of a local version in the Netherlands.

Other adaptations of the UK Top Gear show already include the United States, Australia, Russia and Turkey but a new European country is just about to get its own version.

“We think a wide audience will enjoy it. It will be a weekly car magazine in the broadest sense. Think of auto testing, traffic information, the latest models and automotive developments”, said the Veronica channel manager Carter Doung.

The new Top Gear in the Dutch version will come to life thanks to the collaboration of Sanoma Media and the media tycoon John del Mol.

The Dutch version of Top Gear will be launched soon but an exact date hasn’t been officially announced yet. This isn’t the only surprise Top Gear has and local versions will appear in China and South Korea.


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