According to Reuters, gasoline containing up to 15 percent ethanol should be available at your local station this summer.

The current 10% blend will be replaced by a 15% blend that is expected to be available in time for the heavy summer driving season.

The Environmental Protection Agency will finalize in a few months the labels on the gasoline pumps, which are designed to protect consumers from using the fuel in unapproved engines, the head of the EPA told Congress on Thursday.

“We are now in the process of completing a rule that will establish national labeling,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing. “We expect to issue a final rule in the next few months.” Lisa Jackson told the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Lisa Jackson also told that EPA has just received emissions and health information to support the registration application for E15. So, is clear that E15 will be available nationwide from this summer.
Refiners will be able to blend gasoline with as much as 15 percent ethanol, up from 10 percent.
The blend can’t be sold until federal rules are in place to ensure that so-called E15 is labeled properly at gasoline pumps.
Oil companies, automakers and environmental groups say higher ethanol in fuel may damage engines, boost food prices and worsen air quality, and that refiners and convenience stores selling fuel may be reluctant to market the new blend.



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