Eadon Green teases The Black Cuillin for Geneva image

As the spring approaches, all sorts of new and exotic automakers usually pop up in time to present their projects at the Geneva Motor Show – the usual residency of such off-beat endeavors.

We’ve discussed on numerous occasions how the Switzerland event is not only a neutral home for all automakers to present their products – as the German/French/American/Japanese shows are always mudded with accusations of favoring the home builders. And we also talked how Geneva is also the best place for exotic manufacturers – it’s like all planets align for them in March. Now there’s another new automaker coming to life – one from Britain, of course, as the Island nation is a natural and traditional provider of boutique sports car brands. It’s called Eadon Green and the firm is now teasing its production debut of a coupe named The Black Cuillin – taking place at the Geneva Motor Show.

Eadon Green teases The Black Cuillin for Geneva 1

The teaser is just a few lines drawn on a darkened background, but images from the European Union Intellectual Property Office actually spill the beans on the final style. It’s classic sports car vibe with long bonnet and a rear-pushed passenger compartment. We can clearly see the new automaker will be looking to provide an alternative to established names such as the Morgan Aero 8. There are still no details about specifications – no powertrain, sales apparition or price.

Via European Union Intellectual Property Office