Eagle E-Types introduces new version, dubbed Spyder GT image

Eagle is a company that is well known among passionate for trying to deliver the best Jaguar E-Types in the world, and now the lineup has received yet another new version.

Eagle E-Types so far included the Speedster – a marriage between the vintage and modern interpretations – the Low Drag GT as a grand tourer and now the new Spyder GT is also coming alone to join the party. The Eagle Spyder GT is essentially a combination of the Speedster – taking mostly the design cues – and the Eagle Low Drag GT that brings to the table its touring capability. What we have here is an all-aluminum roadster based on and inspired by the original from 1961 – and the company takes great pride in detailing the models to almost absolute perfection. The interior also comes with genuine aluminum, soft leather and a classic wood rim steering wheel.

Eagle E-Types has unfortunately been coy on providing details about the powertrain of the new feline, adding that more details would be provided once the first customers take commission of the new version this summer. We did see that Ohlins Racing shock absorbers and four-pot AP Racing brake calipers are there to handle ride and braking duties. We can also speculate the Spyder GT will share the engine with its brethren – an Eagle Lightweight E-Type aluminum block stretched to 4.7 liters, equipped with high-performance crankshaft, pistons, con rods, and an ECU-controlled fuel injection system. This straight sixer should thus come to the party with 346 horsepower and 360 lb-ft (488 Nm) of torque.