Early Tesla Model X SUVs have some quality issues, Consumer Reports says image

The magazine published a report this week rising some quality concerns over early-build Tesla’s electric Model X SUVs.

These are not the first such reports over quality issues on Tesla’s Model X, as there have been some complaints lately over various problems found by owners, many of them targeting the upswinging “falcon wing” rear doors. The publication Consumer Reports tells a story of a 75-year-old customer from New York who has been facing all sorts of issues with its newly electric SUV. Apart from the fact that the rear falcon doors failed to close, the driver’s door did not open, the front window would not go down properly, the Autopilot feature became confused or the heating system did not manage to keep the cabin warm enough during some chilly evenings.

Tesla has gone through a lot of development issues with the Model X and the car finally made its public debut in the fall last year, emerging with a two-year delay after the automaker said its production would start. In the aftermath, Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against a German parts supplier for not been able to design and build the model’s falcon doors at proper standards.

In April, the company reported sales below expectations for the first three months of the year, because of severe Model X supplier parts shortages in January and February that lasted much longer than initially expected. Tesla blamed the parts shortages on its own hubris in adding far too much new technology to the SUV and not having enough internal resources to build the parts in-house. Tesla also issued a recall this month for the Model X, after it discovered a problem with its third-row seats.

Via Consumer Reports