eBay find comes with Italian-flavored passion for 1971 Fiat 500 image

Costing a total of exactly ten grand, this 1971 Fiat 500 Lusso is a great way to impress your friends if you like pizza and pasta – or love with extreme passion, as Italians are said to.

Anyways, if all the above is not enough, maybe you’re looking to snatch a piece of classic Italian motoring for your collection – either way, you can have this instead of a new Fiat 500 which is setting you back at least $14,995 in its most meager iteration. There are other options – such as this recently-restored original, which looks as if transported through a time machine from its factory in Italy. The first Fiat 500 was unveiled back in 1957 and became an instant cult hit with more than 3.8 million sales in 18 years of life. This example features the original off-white exterior finish, and has spent most of its life in Italy, from where it was recently imported to California.


The cabin is also original, with the black leather seats and dash in pristine condition. Under the hood sits a completely rebuilt engine, with overhauled fuel tank, a new battery, upgraded displacement, and a fresh head gasket. The 650cc engine is having a 75-plus mpg fuel economy – matched by the original four-speed manual gearbox.

Via eBay