eBay find delivers a Mercedes-Benz Vito that costs close to $200,000 image

VIP shuttle services still thrive even in the age of Uber, Lyft and Didi Kuaidi. This means there’s even a market for aftermarket specialists that aren’t really renowned but still want six-figure checks for their mods.

With 1, 810 billionaires and countless millionaires all around the world, it’s no wonder the companies delivering ultra luxurious transportation vehicles have no shortage of clients. For example Megabus Automotive took a dive inside the inconspicuous Mercedes Benz Vito passenger van and came up with a vehicle that can fit right next to the owner’s private jet and yacht. With billionaires valuing discretion, the Vito doesn’t look out of the ordinary too much when viewed from outside – except for those AMG-inspired bumpers. All things change when reaching inside. The Polish tuner took a Vito Tourer Extralang and treated it to Alcantara on the ceiling, dashboard, and door panels, genuine leather, electric seats with massage function, ambient lighting, and a touchscreen control panel. That one can command the TVs, Apple TV, tablets, a Playstation 4 with four controllers, and maybe even the coffee machine.

We’re still unsure if it’s worth close to $200,000 no matter the modifications, but since we’re not the ones writing the check we’ll keep our opinion secured in our minds. That’s because for that cash you might get a Mercedes-Maybach S600, which can be had for $189,350 in the United States. And to put things into perspective, the Mercedes-Benz Metris – the US counterpart of the European Vito Tourer is worth $32,500.