This unit is one of just three vehicles ever brought to England, so the 1962 Saab 95 Panel Van up for grabs on eBay has a good chance to be extremely exclusive.

Saab is dead but it actually lives on in the hearts and garages of passionate owners. And there are plenty of old and new Saabs worth buying and taking care of – this one here is certainly a prime example. This 1962 95 Panel Van is up for grabs on eBay at a price that will certainly make someone happy. The particular example has been recovered back in 1991 when it was in pieces and got restored to like-new condition before passing on to another owner at the end of the 90s to finish the job. It now has a period-correct grey paint job on the exterior (with accenting Saab logo on the door panel), period-correct hubcaps and rear mudflaps, and even does away with the rear windows.

This particular unit was imported in the UK back in 1962 and used by Saab Great Britain as a service vehicle – one of just three examples equipped with right-hand drive and a column-shift, four-speed manual transmission. Under the hood resides the original 841cc three-cylinder, two-stroke engine – with just 46 horsepower. The cabin has the 95 wearing a two-tone red and ivory finish on the seats, with the ivory theme continuing on the dash and steering wheel.


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