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If you’re a true BMW fan you’ll know the name Baur, a small coachbuilding firm that dates back to 1910 who started delivering open-top versions for the non-convertible BMWs since the early 1960s.

If you’re a BMW historian, you’ll know the first model to come out of the Baur – BMW link was the very nice 1600-2 cabriolet. As years passed, the company opted out of the convertible business and went for the equally interesting targa top – and they worked not just on BMWs, but also on Opel and even Mercedes-Benz models. Back in 1993, the new style would deliver the BMW 318i TC4 which was exclusive to the Old Continent. This was one of the most unique models produced by Baur and had a very limited series run of just 311 units. The model kept most of the stock 318i’s styling, with as much original bodywork as possible – and even had a central pillar that slashed the roof in half.

ebay find of the week has the only Baur BMW 318i in the United States 6

Thus, the first portion of the roof opened about the same size as a sunroof, while the rear went all the way down to the trunk line. BMW also sold the regular 3 Series Cabriolet, so the Baur version was not very successful. It was ended after just 311 examples were produced – meaning it’s extremely rare to see one today. This one is available on eBay and might be the only one in the US, so it’s a great catch even with 113,223 miles on the odometer and a five-speed manual.