eBay listing has 1967 Ferrari P4 replica up for grabs if you pay $850,000 image

This might be the closest thing you can get to a real Ferrari P4 racer, given the incredible exclusivity of the actual deal.

Back in 1967, the Prancing Horse produced the 330 P4 as a direct response to the incredibly successful Ford GT. It came with better aerodynamics and more power than the P3 predecessor – and it had a mid-mounted V12 with 450 horsepower (335 kilowatt), along with a three-valve cylinder head inspired by the Italian Grand Prix-winning Formula One cars. The new model brought tremendous success to the brand – a P4 won the 1967 Monza 1000 Kilometers, while three of the four P4s that were ever manufactured would smack a first, second, and third podium placement at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. The p4 was swiftly replaced by the 312 P in 1969, with the only four units ever produced now hidden inside private collections.

eBay listing has 1967 Ferrari P4 replica up for grabs if you pay $850,000 2

This is why the car in the images is actually an exact replica created by P4 by Norwood of Rockwall, Texas, a company that specializes in exactly that – delivering the most incredible Ferrari P4 replicas in existence. It’s usually a three-year waiting list, but one lucky buyer can just head to eBay and shell out a chunk load of cash for it right away. The starting bid is at $850k and the replica uses a modern Ferrari 575 V12 with a modern Ferrari 575 V12 and ECU – but other than that the model is exactly like a P4 from 1967.