Ecclestone Bribery Trial Delayed Until 2014 image

A German court announced today, September 20th, that the decision regarding Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone’s trial on bribery charges might be delayed until 2014.

The delays were caused by the Ecclestone’s lawyers’ decision to submit more statement to the case and also by some imminent court staffing change. Sven Thomas, one of Ecclestone’s lawyers, said that the extra time needed by the court is beneficial for the trial. He said that the company added 250 documents to the court several weeks ago.

“There’s a bit more coming, but not as much as that,” he told Reuters.

In July, Ecclestone, 82, has been charged for bribing a German banker to smooth the sale of a Formula One stake to private equity company CVC in 2005. The court said back then that the trial might reach an end by mid-September. Ecclestone denies any wrongdoing and said he will fight to prove this.

On another matter, in July, Ecclestone has revealed his plans of securing the future of the Nurburgring’s formula one race, by buying the embattled circuit. The famous track is weighed under by financial problems and currently for sale.

“At least I’m thinking about it. If I do that, it would mean the German grand prix is secure in the future, taking into account of course the existing contracts with Hockenheim,” he said.

Source: Reuters